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CPG is a digital-first growth marketing partner that designs smart, meaningful social brand experiences through powerful storytelling and memorable creative executions, using next-gen adtech.

Why Are We Different?

Being independent has its perks. Created from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Snapchat alumni, we’re a team of industry veterans who bridge creative, data, and technology – through analytics – to drive strong digital journeys.

We’ve worked with dozens of clients from emerging start-ups to global heavy-hitters, helping them evolve, pivot, increase revenue, expand into global markets or get acquired simply by improving their brand and digital experience.

We have the team and proven iterative and phased process to brand, design and develop performance-based campaigns that merit being the centerpiece of your socially-driven marketing efforts.

We’re a lean yet mighty team of brand strategists, designers, and developers that can expand and contract based on your needs making for highly premium and effective outputs at a competitive, industry rate.

Who has time to manage multiple vendors? We offer social advertising, human-centered listening, and best in class content campaigns all through one holistic process to create the best brand experience for you and your audiences.


CPG Partner Community

We connect our clients with best-in-class technology and agency partners to integrate valuable data, fuel growth, and drive digital transformation.

We are the company we keep, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the most innovative thought leaders in the industry. The CPG Partner Community provides a value-based program designed for partner revenue growth, client transformation, and thought leadership.

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